For the mathematician and philosopher Gunter Dueck it should come as no surprise: Years ago, Handys ohne Vertrag he predicted that appropriate jobs are simply superfluous. After all, knows the customer who had an overview of the market is already on the Internet before visiting a shop, usually for more than the seller in the business from a particular vendor.

And even with Softbank plans it is expected to play a role that robots can perform at least as well, almost all functions of store personnel: Its employment is, after all, for the most part is to demonstrate to potential customers, at which display them a specific mobile phone in practice can view to check the details of the technical equipment as well as on contract details.

Tentatively will now be taken over for a week of „Pepper“ -Robotern these activities.Handyshop these are connected to an AI system in the cloud, which analyzes the oral questions of the visitors and are most suitable answers. then a human employee only in sensitive areas to ultimately intervene – as if the identity card of a new customer is to check at the signing ceremony.

Technically, it is believed, quasi to have everything under control at Softbank. The big question now is Handys mit Vertrag how the customers respond. „I do not know what will come of it – but it is a very interesting experiment,“ CEO Ken Miyauchi said according to a report of the Japan Times. But if well a country is particularly suitable for such an attempt, then surely deutschland.

Exciting Internship forgive, at least 4 weeks. Gladly also in About Unit Training for retailers, retail clerk or office clerks / men
Chance Festeinstellung im Handyshop or training place.
We represent all networks in mobile communications and cable Germany and Sky in the fixed network and Premium TV area.

Advise the customer, cashier in unserem Handyshop operations, office work, organizational, customer acquisition, store layout and much more!

Apply You can you personally in our shop or by email or message here at Ebay Classifieds.


Große Freiheit genießen
Der Einstieg in den Bootssport ist ganz leicht. Mit ein wenig Übung und den richtigen Informationen kann jeder ein Boot sicher führen und mit Familie oder Freunden Bootsverleih die große Freiheit auf dem Wasser genießen. Die neue Führerscheinbefreiung gilt für alle Bundeswasserstaßen (binnen und seewärts) für Boote unter 15 Metern Länge und einer Motorleistung bis zu 15 PS oder 11,03 Kilowatt. Die Regelung findet Bootsverleih keine Anwendung auf dem Rhein, dem Bodensee und auf der Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße in Berlin zwischen Kilometer 14,10 und 20,70.

Das Mindestalter des Skippers beträgt 16 Jahre. Im Seebereich gilt das Mindestalter von 16 Jahren erst ab einer Motorisierung von mehr als 3,68 KW/5 PS. Es bleibt damit bei der bisherigen Regelung, nach der im Seebereich auch Kinder und Bootsvermietung Jugendliche Boote bis 5 PS unter Aufsicht führen dürfen.

We are a young growing company in the telecommunications industry. Since May this year, preiswerte Handys im Handyshop we operate in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen its own independent mobile shop. Due to the given premises and the aim to reduce our fixed costs, we are looking for a partner für Handys.
According to the industry and existing demand, we first thought about an independent Handy repair service (smartphones / mobiles / hire. Computer) after. We do not exclude any partners who may have been in the industry in another respect.
Short even for Standord Our mobile Handy und Handy shop located in a shopping center in Bremen Vahr. The train stops right outside the Center. In the a crowded center, see discounters, photo shops, boutiques, clothiers, jewelry stores Handyshops , and lots more. Other details like also Shop für Handy request.
we would like to integrate as independent partners im Handyshop our existing store our partners.
We would be pleased if we could find suitable partners here. but We also accept tips and advice.
In case of serious interest we would naturally mention the issue of any further details.


H. Hasselmann

Wilhelm Guddorf Str.10 10365 Berlin

Tel.: 0172-3088003

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